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Upload audio & video files from your device, web link, or cloud storage securely and with ease, and our pool of professional transcriptionists for transcription services will take care of the rest.

What are Transcription Services ?

The transcription services are a kind of business service only that converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. Some transcription businesses can send staff to events, speeches, or seminars, who then convert the spoken content into text.

These are services provided by a specialized business where recorded speech is converted into text, be it written on paper or in an electronic format. Transcription services are of great importance at record-keeping, and for quickly finding at a later time what has been said in a meeting. Although audio files can be archived with ease nowadays, it is much harder to search through audio files, and text documents are preferred. Transcription services are usually provided for government, legal, medical or business purposes.

Transcription Services by PSP Languages

Our team of world class professional transcriptionists is ready to get to work as soon as you submit your order. Our audio transcription & video transcription experts are available 24/7 to accurately convert your audio and video to text. If you interview someone for a case study at night, submit it before bed to have the transcription in your inbox before you get to work the next day.

Media Transcription Service

Business Transcription Service

Legal Transcription Service

Medical Transcription Service

Popular Transcription Service are as under

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Why choose PSP Languages?

PSP is comparatively a new company in the field but has gained itself the title of one of the finest translation service companies in India. We have built up this confidence and trust all in view of the help and experience that we have increased throughout the long term. PSP confirms the nature of the change and helps you in getting the best form of the office.

Our professional transcription services and translation projects come with 99% accuracy guarantee for good audio [see what we consider “difficult audio”]. We specialize in providing high-quality services at affordable rates with quick turnaround times. Our core mission is to deliver the absolute best quality work to our clients through transparency, commitment, dedication, and integrity.

What we offer you in Transcription Services

End-to-end transcription for all your business areas – worldwide.

Human Translations

Our global language experts have the necessary experience and know-how to satisfy your translation quality requirements in any target language.

Our project managers look after your projects in a professional manner and can also handle translation certification, layout and print tasks.

Terminology Management

By extracting terminology from the texts, you have provided and integrating it into a database, we ensure that your terminology is used consistently in different projects and over an extended period.

Machine Translations

If you have large amounts of text to translate in a matter of seconds, or want to understand foreign-language texts, using our machine translation solution can be very helpful. If you wish to improve the machine output, our language experts will be happy to post-edit the machine translation.


Whether you need simultaneous interpreting at conferences or consecutive interpreting for negotiations, our experienced interpreters, paired with professional conference technology, mean that you're never lost for words anywhere in the world.

In-Country Review

We can help you to meet any local and cultural demands by making sure that the necessary in-country reviews are carried out by your local technical experts. Our project managers provide the review team members with all the information needed to ensure that their technical know-how is reflected in the translation.


Successful communication in all regions of the globe ultimately depends on having experts who can give you competent and comprehensive advice on process-related matters and system integration. Thanks to our long-standing expertise we can support you at exactly the level you require.

Who uses our Transcription Services ?

  • From Students to Professors, from common people to lawyers, from Govt organization to NGO’s are now approaching us for the same because it helps them.
  • Transcriptions are widely used by various set of people on their daily needs Our affordable rates combined with accuracy guarantee helps them.
  • Those pursuing Doctorates contact us to avail our bulk transcription rates.
  • Client use us for our accuracy and turnaround time. We transcribe their projects in a format that they require and handle their special requests.

Why Is It Convenient?

You can upload your audios on the go. Most people know now a days that we know the use of our cell phones as a recorder for any of our talks. To get these talks translated, all you have to do is register on our site and upload the recording directly from your mobile device. Although this works perfectly with Android and Windows platforms, if you are an Apple user you will need to download a file transfer application.

Why PSP Languages Transcription?

  • Quality and accurate transcription services.
  • Affordable rates.
  • We cover all forms of academic transcription needs – conferences, one-to-one interviews, consumer research etc.
  • Discount bulk rates available.
  • Our client list includes professors and students of the most prestigious universities.

What Makes us Different?

Any Project Size, At Your Deadline​

Whatever be the size of your project and the deadline within which you want your business documents translated, PSP will do the work for you, no questions asked.

Human Translators

All translations at PSP are done by real people, who make sure that nothing is lost while translating documents. PSP has a proven experience of more than a decade in doing quality translation work.

99% Accurate​

PSP, for more than one year, has consistently delivered quality translation work with a 99% accuracy rate.

Network of Expert Translators

Having over 1500 well experienced and native translators, PSP Languages is one of the most trusted and award-winning translation agencies in India offering top-notch services in more than 40 languages. Due to years of experience and our wide network of professionals, we’re here to help with your translation projects and make your business stand out from the crowd so you can reach new heights.

Our Various Services includes

Our Expertise & Expert Approach

Our experts are always ready to provide competent consultation and help you to find the best solution in your special situation. But that`s not all. Our coordinators ensure that each departure is timely and scheduled, from departure to arrival, focusing on your options, evaluating the best price combinations and keeping you informed. We offer more than just air freight, we help your business maintain the trust of your customers and build a strong business partnership that will last long after your cargo is delivered.

Are you looking for Transcription Services?

If so this is what you can expect from us:

  • Top quality transcribers, working into their native languages
  • Trusted by top international brands to provide top class media transcriptions
  • Attention to style requirements as well as tone of voice
  • Consistent messages in order to accurately represent your brand
  • Translation, proofreading, typesetting and artwork check and sign-off services for all of your transcription collateral.
  • ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

We transcribe both audio and video files. Any material that can be transcribed is transcribed by us. We do not limit ourselves to any genre; call it what you will, we will transcribe it for you.

However, just to give you an idea, here are a few types of transcription services offered by us:

  • Medical Transcription
  • Media Transcription
  • Podcast Transcription
  • Business & Financial Transcription
  • Conference Call Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Court Proceeding Transcription
  • Audio/Video Transcription
  • Technical Transcription
  • Educational Transcription
  • Religious Transcription
  • Research Transcription
Please go to our website and choose your turnaround package. You will be taken to the upload page of the cart. Please choose the file or file link you want to upload from your computer. You can repeat the process for as many files as you need to upload. You can also share the files via Dropbox, Google Drive, Video/Audio URL.
Yes, you will receive a confirmation from us for your order within 3 hours of placing it. It will mention your order number as well as the date that you can expect your transcripts based on your chosen turn around the package.
We will be contacting you via phone/email to inform you if there are any problems with downloading the files or audio quality, etc.
“The characteristics of a difficult audio file include background noise, static on recordings, lots of voice overlapping, faint audio recordings, nonnative English speakers, very fast speech.

If you have one or more of these present in your audio, it is pretty much guaranteed to be difficult audio. Difficult audio files can be transcribed, but it takes double or more the effort and time to transcribe them.
We will be contacting you via phone/ email to inform you if any of the files are falling under difficult audio category”
Yes, we offer a 1-2 minute free trial. We will email the trial transcript the next working day from the day you upload the file. It does not matter what is the length of the audio that you send us, we will transcribe the first five minutes. Please use the contact us page on our website to request a free trial coupon.
We do not ask for any payment up front. You will get a notification email when your transcripts are complete and ready for you to download. We ask that you pay for your transcripts within 20-30 days of them being completed.

Contacting us is very easy. Simply fill up the above form or click on Get a Quote on this website and let us know your requirements. Alternatively, you can always Contact Us

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