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Multiply users and downloads overseas with affordable app localization services. The world is going mobile – in fact, it already has. The app economy is expected to double in size to $192 billion by 2022, according to market research site Statista. Localize your app today and get 128% more downloads.

What do you mean by App Localization Services?

The mobile app market is always changing. Today, developers and marketers are looking for ways to make their apps more visible, popular, and profitable. Making an app work for every region, culture, and language requires customizing it. To do this effectively and efficiently, you’ll need quality-oriented mobile app localization services.

PSP languages helps its customers on App Localization Services. Let’s take a bold leap forward by localizing your mobile app today. We’ll help you share your marketing materials to reach new audiences and enhance the user experience. Expanding your app into multiple global markets often brings a number of challenges and difficulties.

The process of app translation and localization is more than just a literal translation. We want you to reach as much of your market as possible and our translators will take your message from the initial stages, throughout the technical requirements, and into finally reaching your users. We’ll make sure that your app is localized for the language, and for any cultural nuances that matter to individual markets.

App Localization Services by PSP Languages

Whether you need to translate your app into any type of language, or want the services of a company with a highly skilled and experienced team, we’re here to help. PSP Languages has linguistic experts equipped with coding knowledge and the know-how to translate your product in any market. We will never stop until it’s perfect.

Able to work with teams of all sizes, we offer a one-stop solution for AMP and iOS development. Our team is handpicked and drawn from all over the world, including experts in over 60 different languages and industries. We provide localization services for both Android and iOS projects.

Translating your app into a different language? Looks like you’re in luck because we have the fast and reliable solution that you need. No matter what language you want to get your app translated into, PSP Languages has an expert subject matter translator available for industry-specific translations and perfectly localized apps with enhanced user-experience.

Best App Localization Services With High
Quality and Affordable Rates

We ensure that your source content is multiple language ready and that your application’s code is written to allow you to create versions of your product in other languages easily and with low cost.
Our professional translators around the globe will translate and localize all texts.
We use linguistic testing to ensure that all localized texts are compatible and fit parameters.
Your localized product will be exhaustively tested by programmers and users to ensure quality of language, look and feel and functionality are perfect.

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iOS / Android Apps


System Software



We complete your app localization services using specialist
localizers those are native professionals.

Why choose PSP Languages?

With a customer satisfaction rate of 98.8%, PSP Languages is one of the leading and most trusted providers of app localization services worldwide. We never hire inexperienced translators so that we can deliver top-notch results for all our customers.

All translations are conducted by linguists who are not only native speakers of your target language but also have first-hand experience in your specific business area. PSP Languages is based in New Delhi, India, which helps us keep up with the latest technology developments and updates on your industry’s best practices.

What we offer you in App Localization Services

Do you need app localization or professional website translation services? Our team of experts can provide high quality and quick turnaround while being cost-effective. You’ll see an immediate rise in your business growth with our unmatched service!

We offer a variety of website translation services that provide some special features, including:

  • We understand the importance of a good user experience for our website translation services. We also know that there are nuances to your industry, culture, and language which we’ve accounted for in order to give you the best possible experience.
  • Our website translation services are available in any format and language as needed by clients.
  • Expertise in your specialized field is important. You want to be connected with an industry leader. That’s where we come in! We have a team of experts who specialize in the latest trends and know how to support you.

Human Translations

Our global language experts have the necessary experience and know-how to satisfy your translation quality requirements in any target language.

Our project managers look after your projects in a professional manner and can also handle translation certification, layout and print tasks.

Terminology Management

By extracting terminology from the texts, you have provided and integrating it into a database, we ensure that your terminology is used consistently in different projects and over an extended period.

Machine Translations

If you have large amounts of text to translate in a matter of seconds, or want to understand foreign-language texts, using our machine translation solution can be very helpful. If you wish to improve the machine output, our language experts will be happy to post-edit the machine translation.


Whether you need simultaneous interpreting at conferences or consecutive interpreting for negotiations, our experienced interpreters, paired with professional conference technology, mean that you're never lost for words anywhere in the world.

In-Country Review

We can help you to meet any local and cultural demands by making sure that the necessary in-country reviews are carried out by your local technical experts. Our project managers provide the review team members with all the information needed to ensure that their technical know-how is reflected in the translation.


Successful communication in all regions of the globe ultimately depends on having experts who can give you competent and comprehensive advice on process-related matters and system integration. Thanks to our long-standing expertise we can support you at exactly the level you require.

Challenges in App Localization Services

More content and devices

Shorter release cycles

Adding new languages

Shipping translations quickly

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What Makes us Different?

Any Project Size, At Your Deadline​

Whatever be the size of your project and the deadline within which you want your business documents translated, PSP will do the work for you, no questions asked.

Human Translators

All translations at PSP are done by real people, who make sure that nothing is lost while translating documents. PSP has a proven experience of more than a decade in doing quality translation work.

99% Accurate​

PSP, for more than one year, has consistently delivered quality translation work with a 99% accuracy rate.

Network of Expert Localizers

Having over 4500 well experienced and native translators, PSP Languages is one of the most trusted and award-winning translation agencies in India offering top-notch services in more than 60 languages. Due to years of experience and our wide network of professionals, we’re here to help with your translation projects and make your business stand out from the crowd so you can reach new heights.

Our Various Services includes

Our Expertise & Expert Approach

Our experts are always ready to provide competent consultation and help you to find the best solution in your special situation. But that`s not all. Our coordinators ensure that each departure is timely and scheduled, from departure to arrival, focusing on your options, evaluating the best price combinations and keeping you informed. We offer more than just air freight, we help your business maintain the trust of your customers and build a strong business partnership that will last long after your cargo is delivered.

Do you need App Localization Services?

If so this is what you can expect from us:

  • Top quality native translators, working into their native languages
  • Trusted by top international brands to provide top class professionals
  • Attention to style requirements as well as tone of voice
  • Consistent messages in order to accurately represent your brand
  • Translation, proofreading, typesetting and artwork check and sign-off services for all of your translation collateral.
  • ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a significant footprint on the global market, you must get your Android or iOS app localized into the languages of all potential customers. Get PSP Languages’ iOS app localization service to translate the app instructions and user guide into the preferred languages in the intended market & gain 128% more downloads.
PSP Languages’ app localization services translate apps in 60+ languages across 125+ locations worldwide to give your app the maximum visibility globally and increase your customer base substantially.
Translation is simply one segment of app localization. PSP Languages’ localization service also includes app store optimization, on device testing, audio & video localization, and plenty more. PSP Languages continually helps organizations fulfil their localization and culturalization aspirations through its high-quality app localization services.
The fastest way to find the average cost for your mobile application localization is to fill our brief quotation form. Once you submit the form, within 1 hour, we will give you a consultation absolutely free of charge with no obligations whatsoever.

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