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A library of hundreds of Indian & Foreign Language voice over talent for any language voice over project! Work with a team of professional voice artists!

What exactly voice over services ?

Voice over services are basically a narration or dialogue done by a professional offscreen narrator/ voice artist. This technique is used in radio, TV, films, theatre, documentaries, news reports etc. Voice over is usually pre-recorded, which is attached to the video file later on.

Voice over services include the full range of tailored products offered by voice over talents to clients. It’s essential to remember that voice over services depend on your voice quality and style. That is, the services you offer enhance the natural style and voice over skills you offer.

This is a production technique where a voice that is not part of the narrative is heard over the action. Al already mentioned, it’s often used in movies, TV shows, plays, or other presentations. Voice over is an effective way to convey information that doesn’t naturally fit into the plot or the other visual elements that are occurring. Voice over work is read by a voice actor who reads from a script, and it is added to the other elements during production.

Voice over Services by PSP Languages

PSP Languages is a resourceful agency who is delivering multilingual voice-over services online for our valued partners.

We have a large pool of Voice Over Artists to choose from. You can easily and securely order unattended Audio Recording, Mixing, and Mastering with our online service knowing that your projects are in safe experienced hands.

Since 2015 we are proud to have helped many VO Artists, Producers and Companies achieve the very best possible results for their audio. Providing all of our Recording, Mixing, and Mastering via the Web means we can keep our overheads low and pass on the savings directly to you, which is then reflected in all our prices. We have the best VO Artists in all Indian and International languages.

Types of Voice over Services

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Our Clients

Indian and Foreign Languages Voice over Services

Our Voice Over Recording services includes Voicing Radio and Television Commercials, Corporate Narrations, Tutorials, Audio Books, and E-Learning content in English, Hindi, and other Indian and Foreign Languages.

We will deliver your professional greetings in the requested format with bigger and better sound quality. Voice Recording Studio provides voice-over and dubbing artists for dubbing an audio production into various regional and international languages. We also provide voiceovers for E-Learning projects in various Indian and Foreign Languages. Our professional voice production team is here to assist you with any type of voice-over and have the experience to get it done right.

You can get Voice Overs & Voice Over Artists in all Indian and International Languages. Be it for your Films, Corporate Presentations, Events, E-Learning Projects, Radio, TV Ads, Voice Acting, Dubbing, YouTube Videos, Explainer Videos, Games, Animation, Business Promotions, TV Channel Ads, Radio Spots


Types Of Voice Over Services We Offer

We Proofread almost all types of documents, including:




Voice prompts

Among others

Why choose PSP Languages?

At PSP Languages, our process flow ensures that the learners grasp the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and understand video content easily through our voice-over services.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and watch the video content, then translate and adapt the script accurately as per the target audience. We then select an experienced and fit voice-over actor for the role. Next, we record and edit the dialogues with a natural flow, pace, pitch and speech. Next, we mix the audio and ensure screen-syncing. Finally, our voice-over analysts and editors assess the quality of the work.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, translating, selecting, recording, mixing, and assessing.

Industries we cover in voice over services

Educational Industry

PSP Languages provides voice-overs for various teaching modules for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, training centers, and universities. We ensure to deliver accuracy, precision, and emotions in the native language through voice-overs.

Entertainment Industry

PSP Languages is a leading voice-over services provider in the entertainment industry. We deliver clear and character-based voice-overs for film and other entertainment units. We cater to national and international clients and deliver voice-over services in multiple languages.

Corporate Sector

PSP Languages provides voice-overs for training modules and other virtual content for the corporate sector. We deliver professional and detailed subtitles for lectures and tutorials for corporate companies in multiple languages to serve businesses around the globe.

What we offer you

End-to-end translation, interpreting and localization services for all your business areas – worldwide.

Human Translations

Our global language experts have the necessary experience and know-how to satisfy your translation quality requirements in any target language.

Our project managers look after your projects in a professional manner and can also handle translation certification, layout and print tasks.

Terminology Management

By extracting terminology from the texts, you have provided and integrating it into a database, we ensure that your terminology is used consistently in different projects and over an extended period.

Machine Translations

If you have large amounts of text to translate in a matter of seconds, or want to understand foreign-language texts, using our machine translation solution can be very helpful. If you wish to improve the machine output, our language experts will be happy to post-edit the machine translation.


Whether you need simultaneous interpreting at conferences or consecutive interpreting for negotiations, our experienced interpreters, paired with professional conference technology, mean that you're never lost for words anywhere in the world.

In-Country Review

We can help you to meet any local and cultural demands by making sure that the necessary in-country reviews are carried out by your local technical experts. Our project managers provide the review team members with all the information needed to ensure that their technical know-how is reflected in the translation.


Successful communication in all regions of the globe ultimately depends on having experts who can give you competent and comprehensive advice on process-related matters and system integration. Thanks to our long-standing expertise we can support you at exactly the level you require.

What Makes us Different?

Any Project Size, At Your Deadline​

Whatever be the size of your project and the deadline within which you want your business documents translated, PSP will do the work for you, no questions asked.

Human Translators

All translations at PSP are done by real people, who make sure that nothing is lost while translating documents. PSP has a proven experience of more than a decade in doing quality translation work.

99% Accurate​

PSP, for more than one year, has consistently delivered quality translation work with a 99% accuracy rate.

Critical Area of any Translation

Glossary Management

When it comes to the translation and localization of your business’ important and sensitive content, time is money and efficiency is key. We collect all your relevant acronyms, abbreviations and terms into a single, comprehensive glossary so your entire translation and localization team is on the same page.

What is a translation glossary?

A Translation Glossary is an index of all the terminologies that any business uses and the equivalent preferred translations. This is particularly applicable to translations of marketing materials, technical manuals, legal documents, medical documents or any other documentation within specific industries. It also applies to less specialized fields where a company wants to ensure a uniform and harmonized brand presence.

A Translation Glossary must include the below

Key Terms

At its heart, a glossary is a list of the most important words, phrases, products, and services in your file. If you have concepts in your documents that are highly specific to the subject matter or your company’s culture, your glossary should contain a thorough list of all such relevant items.


Definitions of these key terms are critical to making sure your linguist fully understands each concept completely. (Click Here to read about 5 Global Marketing Failures) This added context dramatically reduces the odds of misunderstanding a term. Providing definitions results in the most accurate possible rendering of your text into the target language.

Preferred Translations

Your company may have preferred translations for specific terms in your glossary, which need shared with your translator. It’s essential that the client and the translators are on the same page regarding the preferred translations of important or frequently used phrases before the regular translation begins. This helps with the consistency of word choices, and it ensures that the concepts that matter most to you are translated the way you want them — the first time.

What Shouldn’t Be Translated

You may want to leave certain products, services, or proper names in the source language. Including such preferences in a glossary is the best way to make sure that only the phrases that you want to be translated are translated.

What’s New

Your glossary should be a living document, which is built and updated on over time. Adding new phrases before each translation will help it reflect your company’s latest concepts and preferences.

Network of Expert Proofreaders & Editors

Having over 3000 well experienced and native translators, PSP Languages is one of the most trusted and award-winning translation agencies in India offering top-notch services in more than 60 languages. Due to years of experience and our wide network of professionals, we’re here to help with your translation projects and make your business stand out from the crowd so you can reach new heights.

Our Various Services includes

Our Expertise & Expert Approach

Our experts are always ready to provide competent localization service and consultation and help you to find the best solution in your special situation. But that`s not all. Our coordinators ensure that each departure is timely and scheduled, from departure to arrival, focusing on your options, evaluating the best price combinations and keeping you informed. We offer more than just air freight, we help your business maintain the trust of your customers and build a strong business partnership that will last long after your cargo is delivered.

Are you looking for Voice over Services?

If so this is what you can expect from us:

  • Top quality voice over artists, speaking into their native languages
  • Trusted by top international brands to provide top class media voice over artists
  • Attention to style requirements as well as tone of voice over required
  • Consistent messages in order to accurately represent your brand
  • Translation, proofreading, typesetting and artwork check and sign-off services for all of your transcription collateral.
  • ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

A voice over is a production technique that involves inserting a voice actor’s voice over an audiovisual project. The goal is to help communicate the message of the content more effectively and increase engagement with its audience. They’re widely used in marketing, advertising, e-learning, video games, movies or TV shows.

Voice over is all about communicating a particular mood, message or idea more effectively. So a good one will match the context and brand of the content with the correct enunciation, pacing, mood and voice. A good voice actor is first and foremost versatile, able to understand the requirements and adapt their delivery to your brief.

Start by creating your account. You’ll then be able to browse and search through our directory of voices, explore your options and get inspired. Once you’ve found your perfect voice actor, click ‘Book Now’, you’ll then be prompted to share some details about your project. The more detail you can provide, the better the outcome tends to be. If you’re not 100% sure, you can choose ‘Contest’ to hear some options and choose your favourite. If on the other hand speed is the most important factor, choose the ‘Speedy’ option.

A range of factors can influence the price of a given voice over–language, accent, age, gender, purpose (podcasts, commercials) and voice actor experience, script length and turnaround time, can all influence the overall cost. Experiment with our search to find the right combination and the solution that matches your requirements.

Contacting us is very easy. Simply fill up the above form or click on Get a Quote on this website and let us know your requirements. Alternatively, you can always Contact Us

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