No matter what you’re looking for, Kevin Games has got you covered. If you browse our collection, you will never run out of options. Enjoy a real-time playing experience with precision passing, in-depth tactics, and natural player movements in this proud member of the best Android football games. With this game, online football matches just got even better. By setting up a collaboration with friends from all over the world, compete as a team and win against opponents.

Head Ball is a 2D game which can be played both online and offline. The game is inspired by Head Soccer which was quite famous, but lost popularity over the years. Do you want to be the manager of your favorite football team?

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Fans can also connect with other fans through some of these games. Also, they can play online tournaments throughout the year. For those of you out there who still feel that the greatest soccer game of all time is Slime Soccer, say hello to its ‘roided out equivalent. This version allows you to take control of playable online soccer games your favorite Premiership team and guide it through a league season of head-to-head challenges, all the while collecting power-ups and dodging penalties. (…) Association football is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of eleven players.

  • Soccer is one the most popular sports in the world – and we’re not only talking about games.
  • It has more content than just about any other game in the genre.
  • However, bear in mind that ITV has just relaunched ITV Hub as ITVX.

July 20 – If you’re tired of playing the same football games over and over again, you’ve come to the right place. We have narrowed down the top 25 best football games for mobiles so that you can have more best mobile games to choose from! RF is one of the oldest football games as it has been available since the days of Java phones.

Quickly move, jump and hit the ball so that it popped into the net of your rivals goal. Tying into the game’s “golden anniversary,” various gold-themed promotions and initiatives were held throughout the 2015 NFL season. The league adopted a gold-tinted logo, which was implemented across all of the NFL’s properties and painted on fields during the season. The numbering of the 50-yard line on fields was colored gold, and beginning on Week 7, all sideline jackets and hats featured gold-trimmed logos. Gold footballs were given to the high schools of players and coaches that had participated in a Super Bowl, and “homecoming” events were also held by Super Bowl-winning teams at games.

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The tablet also comes with a built-in kids-mode with Google Kids Space, making it a great gift for children. Whether you’re streaming, doing schoolwork or playing light mobile games,this 14-inch HP Touch Chromebookis an excellent choice. This lightweight 2-1 device features a 14-inch HD touchscreen display. The touchscreen can be used on its own as a tablet, but the device also operates as a Chromebook with a keyboard. It features duel speakers for audio and is compatible with Google voice assistant.

Each animal has a special power that can be used when the SUPER bar is filled. Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a racing car bicycle-kick the giant football? Then just put down this thought and get the Rocket League and do it yourself.